• "Our task is to find new ways of guaranteeing a plural economy within a framework of democracy.

    Instead of making an abstract appeal for an alternative economy, we should be devising fresh combinations within the field of economic possibilities open to us."

    Jean-Louis Laville: European Coordinator of the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy

    Social and Solidarity Economy isn't just a prespective, but a concrete reality: worldwide, cooperatives provide jobs for 100 million people. According to data from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), globally there are 761,221 cooperatives and mutual associations with 813.5 million members, 6.9 million employees, USD 18.8 trillion in assets and USD 2.4 trillion in annual gross revenue. The global certified fair trade market amounted to EUR 4.8 billion (USD 6.4 billion) in 2012 (excluding Fair Trade USA sales) and involved some 1.3 million workers and farmers in 70 countries.


    What is the issue?

    The currently dominant economic system strives for endless growth and the policy makers support and create the framework for this. The financial sector gains dominance and the markets continue to be liberalized… In short: ordinary economy follows the needs of the economy elites and not those of the people.

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